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My Specialties

Stressors of 20-Somethings

As a 20-something, you have gone through your life with the trajectory mostly laid out for you. You go from elementary school to middle school to high school. For most after high school, either comes college, trade school, or into a full-time job immediately. What is next? Now that you are in the “real world”, how do you handle it all? This new idea of “adulting” can feel extremely overwhelming. You are being asked to make decisions about college majors and career paths for your future while still trying to understand how to balance your finances, not to mention your own well-being. As a 20-something, you are still facing the pressures of your parents, your teachers, and even society as whole. Finding a way to balance this all while also learning to cope effectively can be challenging. I can support you through this chaotic time and help you manage your emotions while also trying to make the best decisions for your future.

Work / Life Balance

Are you a working professional that is starting to experience “burn out”? Maybe you have been thriving in your career but are catching yourself working longer hours than you’d like. Do you notice that your priorities have shifted and work has moved to the top? In today’s world, excelling at your career and climbing the corporate ladder is a goal that most adults strive to do. However, in time, those long hours and late nights lead to significant amounts of stress, burn out, anxiety, depression, and much much more. I am here to help you Find Your Balance in your daily life. It is important to make time for other areas that truly bring you joy. I believe that I can help you find ways to set healthy boundaries and identify personal goals in order to improve your quality of life. 

The Anxious Person

Are you experiencing constant anxiety? Racing thoughts, overthinking, and self-doubt? Do you find yourself being fearful of making decisions or being uncomfortable in social settings? Anxiety is a very normal part of life; however, it can become so intense that it interferes with daily life. Anxiety can even present itself through physical symptoms such as sweating, shaking, racing heart, tension in your body, GI issues, troubles sleeping, and more. It is so important that you seek treatment for your anxiety as there can be a variety of causes as well as risks. I can help you sort through those anxious thoughts, identify the symptoms, and find healthy ways to gain control over your mind and body. Many people turn to unhealthy coping skills to manage their symptoms, and I would love to help you find healthy coping skills instead.

Body Image & Self-Esteem

Do you talk to yourself negatively about your body and your physical appearance? Do  you struggle with feeling “good enough”? It can be so hard to separate your own self-worth from your external looks because of the way society defines “beauty”. We are saturated with diet culture and exercise obsessions, and it can be hard to not become obsessed ourselves. You probably see “influencers” on your Instagram and Tiktok everywhere you look showing you a life that you wish you had. Some might say that self-comparison is the thief of joy. I want to help you feel more confident in your own skin and in your own life. 

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