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Find Your Balance

Balance. What is balance? We know what balance is physically, such as standing on one foot or balancing a book on our head. But what does it mean to find balance in our life? Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines balance as “mental and emotional steadiness”. Mental and emotional steadiness, as an adult, sounds really nice, but often unattainable.

I like to use the Eight Dimensions of Wellness with clients of mine to address the areas they are doing well in as well as the areas they may need to put more energy into. 

The Eight Dimensions of Wellness include: Emotional, Financial, Social, Spiritual, Occupational, Physical, Intellectual, and Environmental.

The goal is to find balance in these eight areas. If we are excelling in one or two areas, it is likely that other areas are struggling. That might be something to reflect more on. Is it worth going above and beyond in your Occupational and Financial areas if your Emotional and Spiritual areas are going to struggle? Maybe for a little bit but eventually you will likely burn out!

The idea is that if you find balance between these eight dimensions, you will live a fulfilling life. 

I encourage you to reflect on the Eight Dimensions of Wellness and identify the areas you are excelling in versus struggling in. Make some goals for yourself to balance things out. 

Take this assessment to see how you score in each area:

*This assessment is from the University of Colorado-Boulder so a few questions are related to college. Think outside the box on how it might apply to you in your community or field of work.

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