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Meghan Mischel, LPC: Finding Her Balance in Life

Hi there! My name is Meghan (McLaughlin) Mischel and welcome to my blog! :) The idea has crossed my mind before but I never thought I’d be able to do it because I’m “not a good writer”. I realized that I don’t need to have been an English major to write a blog, but rather just have my own thoughts and opinions on topics that mean something to me and my work. I share my thoughts all day in sessions so why not write about it?!

My goal in this blog is to share about topics that my clients, and other people in my life, might gain something from reading. I’d like to write about all things mental health (duh!), challenges that come from being an adult, book reviews on the latest self-help books I read, and maybe even some current events (without getting too political).

Mental health therapist, St. Louis, MO.
Meghan Mischel, LPC

A little bit about me:

I have grown up in St. Louis and only left for 4 years when I attended Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. Competitive dance was a huge part of my life growing up and the experience of it all made up a really big part of who I am today. I attended an all-girls Catholic high school and I’ll never stop sharing about how much I loved it! 

I attended college at Missouri State University where I graduated with a Psychology degree. I had a very traditional experience in college. I was in a sorority, met my future husband, and still have tons of friends we see on the regular. 

After taking a year off to decide what I truly wanted to do, I attended University of Missouri-St. Louis where I graduated with my Masters of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. The experience was truly life-changing and I learned SO much about myself and the world, not just becoming a therapist. 

I’ve always said, I’m not sure what was the best decision in my life: choosing my all-girl high school, going to Missouri State, or getting my Masters. Because all 3 decisions were GOLD.

Mental health therapist, St. Louis, MO.
Find Your Balance Counseling

A little bit about my career:

While I was in my graduate program, I worked for two different local eating disorder treatment centers. I worked as a Direct Care Counselor, a Weekend Supervisor/group facilitator, a Utilization Review Specialist, and a Discharge Planner. In those roles, I learned how to build relationships with the clients who were there for treatment. I helped advocate for them by speaking with insurance companies and fighting for coverage. I also helped set them up for success upon discharge by coordinating care with outside therapists, dietitians, psychiatrists, and other treatment programs. I did just about everything but therapy.

My most recent job was an Outpatient Therapist at a substance use treatment center in their outpatient program. I never saw myself working in substance use and the job kind of fell into my lap. BUT I am SO glad I did. In 3 ½ years, I gained so much knowledge about the disease of addiction and the journey of recovery. I met some pretty amazing people along the way, especially many coworkers who were in recovery themselves. Those coworkers shattered pretty much any bias or stereotype I may have had previously of what an “addict” was. I also really built up my confidence as a therapist while working there.

Since graduating with my Masters degree in 2019, I have maintained a very small private practice on the side of my full-time jobs. But in March of 2024, I finally took the leap to go full-time! It has been a challenge and a risk, but so far so good! 🙂

Check out my website: to learn more about my practice.

Check out my Instagram and Facebook to keep up with all things and mental health.

**If you have suggestions on what I should write about, DM me or shoot me an email! I'd love feedback!!

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